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5 Reasons Why You Should Use A Daily Planner Pad

5 Reasons Why You Should Use A Daily Planner Pad - The Design Palette

Do you use a digital or a paper planner to organise your day? I love planning and organising and am always on the hunt for the next tool that is going to make me more productive. I have used a number of different planning tools (both digital and paper) over the years and always revert back to paper. It is so much more satisfying to tick off tasks by hand - I don't get the same sense of accomplishment when using digital apps.

There are many science-backed reasons which support the use of paper planners. Here are our top 5 reasons for why pen and paper may help your productivity. 

1. You are more likely to remember and retain information when writing notes by hand as opposed to typing them on your trusted laptop or phone (yep, that’s right).

Who doesn’t love that satisfying feeling of writing your tasks onto paper. But did you know that other than helping you get organised, writing your to-do list by hand also helps improve memory? A study conducted by Pam A. Mueller and Daniel M. Oppenheimer found that handwriting uses motor skills which exercise other parts of the brain’s psychology, such as memory. These skills allow you to clarify your thoughts and process information better, and therefore increase the likelihood that you will remember what you’re writing. The result? Better recall and retention. This means no longer forgetting important appointments, deadlines or birthdays! Hooray! 

2. A break from technology

Like most, I spend majority of my day on my computer. My eyes get sore and after a prolonged time staring at the screen I struggle to focus. One of the things that helps me is balancing computer time with some old-fashioned writing down notes and to-do lists on paper.

Paper planners are also super-easy to use and can be taken anywhere with you, just slip it into your purse or bag and off you go. Just make sure you remember your pen!

Take a break from your devices and go analog. more stress of making sure your battery has enough charge to access your schedule, or that you’ve remembered your charger. 

3. Writing by hand encourages focus and practice mindfulness

Research shows that there is a relationship between writing things by hand and mindfulness. It also helps you stay focused; there is little room for distractions when there are no notifications and pings seeking for your attention.

Have all of your daily tasks collected in one place; your to-do list, shopping list, goals and much more. When you use a planner pad, all your lists are stored in one place, and more importantly not taking up headspace. It’s a great way to declutter.

See your to-do list at one glance. Writing all your tasks in your planner pad will also help you see the big picture and encourage you to prioritise and consider what is important for the week ahead.

4. Creative Planning - make your planner unique to you

Animal Print Planner Pad

Love to get creative? You can personalise your daily or weekly plan with photos and stickers and really make it your own. I love to colour coordinate my tasks so my planner is bright and happy. 

5. Write your goals down and increase your chances of achieving them

A study conducted by Dr Gail Matthews found that those that regularly wrote down their goals and tasks by hand, shared them with others and maintained accountability were 42% more likely to achieve them rather than keeping the goals to themselves. 

Task Matrix Planner Pad

A paper planner helps you be productive and accountable. By writing your tasks and notes by hand you will retain more information and stay focused. Planner pads are also easily portable, and so can come with you wherever you go, just pop it in your bag! They can be personalised, allowing you to become creative and adopt your own unique planning style. 

Planner pads are a great visual aid and encourages us to become better organised. This will allow you to achieve your goals and reach for the stars!

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Did you know that our planners are eco-friendly and sustainable? We take care to ensure that our products are printed on paper that is sourced responsibly. Plus, we donate 10% of our proceeds to charity. 


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